We have it clear. We bring you to Madrid the best products, tapas and dishes of Cadiz, at Cadiz prices.

You can taste the wild Bluefin tuna in the center of Madrid, brought directly from the almadrabas of Conil de la Frontera, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa and presented in a great variety of tapas and dishes.

Our decoration and atmosphere tries to transmit to our customers the landscapes, smells and light of the coast that extends from Tarifa to Conil de la Frontera. We have renovated the traditional atmosphere of a typical Cadiz restaurant, mixing the concepts of the latest artistic and gastronomic tendencies.


The coast between Zahara de los Atunes and Conil, headed by the village of Barbate and passing through the hamlet of Los Caños de Meca, is the last paradise of Europe, of an extreme beauty. Barbate is located in the heart of the Natural Park of Breña.

It has marked signs of identity such as white sand beaches, dunes, cliffs, retinto cattle huts in the hills, kites... And of course, wild Bluefin tuna, which is fished in a millennial, selective and sustainable manner, Almadraba.

Barbate is the world capital of thunnus thynnus and it treasures an immense culture on its preparation and fishing.


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  1/2       Ración

Salad of prawns and melva canutera   4€             7€

Salmorejo from Barbate with red tuna mojama chips  3,8€          6,8€

Broken eggs timbal with acorn-fed iberian ham                  10,8€

Almadraba tuna mini burger with wasabi mayonnaise (ut)                   4,8€

Retinto veal mini burger with Payoyo cheese (ut)                   4,8€

Clams with Sherry white wine                    14€

Pringá crispy rolls with tomato and rosted fenal sauce                  12,5€

Grilled rock octopus on potatoes cream and pepper oil (not spicy)                 16,5€

Retinto oxtail croquettes (3 or 6 uts)   5€               8€

Baby squid in it sink croquettes (3 or 6 uts)   5€               8€

Retinto beef loin steak tartar                  11,5€

Carpaccio de atún rojo                  11,5€


Fried marinated dogfish pieces      6,5€      12€

Fried squids        7€     12,5€

Fried prawns "tortillita" (ud)                  2,8€

Sea weed from our costs                 12,5€

Bluefin Tuna, by cuts    

Bluefin tuna tartar19,5€

Grilled bluefin tuna on warm tomato salad with fried peppers19€

Black loin of marinated bluefin tuna with lime and sesame vinaigrette19€

Grilled spicy tuna "with corn powder" and avocado cream18,5€

Grilled Tarantelo with pistachio and false tabulé of green tomato and apple19,5€

Tuna back tataki with greens crudité19€

Tuna Trio: tartar, sashimi and tataki Chuletón de atún rojo de 0,8 kg (por encargo, 3/4 pers.)28€

Bluefin tuna steak (loin, tarantelo and belly) (0.8Kgr for 3-4 pax)60€


  1/2       Portion

Spiced meat food   4,5€         7,5€

Sprinkled pork cracklings from Paterna  4,5€            8€

Thinly sliced cured loin of tuna   8€             15€

Payoyo goat’s Cheese from Villaluenga del Rosario   7,5€           14€


Green salad: with bluefin tuna, tomato and egg10,5€

Revuelto de habitas12,5€

Vegetables grill from Conil orchard11€

Payoyo Salad: with fresh spinach, sherry tomatos and goat's cheese from Cádiz10,5€

Alcachofas confitadas en flor13,5€

Tomatoes salad with olive oil from Cadiz, feta cheese and Provencal herbs7,5€

Tomates aliñaos: con melva canutera9,5€


Grilled cow’s low back 0.4 KG22€

Grilled acorn-fed pork shoulder butt fillets19€

Iberian pork cheek with Pedro Ximenez sauce16€

Hamburguesa de vaca de retinta 12,5€

Hamburguesa de vaca limusina 12,5€

Retinto breed beef of La Janda región (Cádiz)


Chocolate biscuit cake4,8€

Cheese and raspberry cake6€

Lemon and Meringue Cake5,8€

Carrot and vanilla cake5,5€

Payoyo goat’s Cheesecake5,8€

Tarta red velvet5,8€

Copa de helados artesanos5,8€


Copa       Botella

Manzanilla Muy fina (Barbadillo) (3/8) 1,8€           9,5€

D.O. Jerez-Xerex-Sherry-Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Productor: Bodegas Barbadillo = Uvas 100% Palomino = Graduación Alcohólica 15%.
Color paja con matices verdes. Ligera y punzante. Aromas de aceitunas, heno y florales.

Fino Tío Pepe 1,8€          10,5€

D.O. Jerez-Xerex-Sherry-Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Productor: González Byass = Uvas 100% Palomino = Graduación Alcohólica 15%.
Precioso color amarillo verdoso. Intenso aroma de aceitunas y almendras. Florales y cereales.

Oloroso Alfonso 1,8€

D.O. Jerez-Xerex-Sherry-Sanlúcar de Barrameda = Productor: González Byass = Uvas: 100% Palomino = Graduación Alcohólica 18%.
Color castaño. Intenso en nariz. Se aprecian frutos secos y especias así como toffe y tabaco.

Pedro Ximenez 1,8€

D.O. Jerez-Xerex-Sherry-Sanlúcar de Barrameda = Productor: Bodegas Álvaro Domecq = Uvas: 100% Palomino = Graduación Alcohólica 15%.
Caoba, con intenso aroma a yodo y a uva pasa. Frutas escarchadas y toffe.

Copa       Botella

Castillo de San Diego (Barbadillo seco) 3€           16,5€

D.O.: Tierras de Cádiz

Tierra Blanca (semidulce) 3€           16,5€

D.O.: Tierras de Cádiz

Beronia                   20€

D.O.: Rueda = Productor: Bodegas Beronia

Gadir (afrutado) 2,8€           14€

D.O.: Vinos de la Tierra de Cádiz. Productor: Bodegas Osborne = Uvas: 60% Palomino, 40% Chardonnay = Graduación Alcohólica: 11,5%.
Amarillo brillante, con aromas y sabores de manzana verde. Agradables sensaciones cítricas.

K-Naia 3€              18€

D.O.: Rueda = Productor: Bodegas Naia = Uvas: 85% Verdejo, 15% Sauvignon Blanc = Graduación Alcohólica: 13%.
Amarillo verdoso, con aromas de frutos de hueso y cítricos. Intenso y muy fresco.

Val de Nora                   18€

D.O.: Rías Baixas = Productor: Bodega Viña Nora

Pazo de Monterrey                   18€

D.O.: Monterrei = Productor: Bodegas Pazos del Rey = Uvas: 100% Godello = Graduación Alcohólica: 13,5 %.
Pajizo verdoso. Limpio e intenso. Lácteos y fruta fresca. Untuoso y con toques de flor silvestre.

Protos 2,9€         18,5€

D.O.: Rueda = Productor: Bodegas Protos =Uvas: 100% Verdejo = Graduación Alcohólica 13%.
Amarillo suave, graso, con aromas de manzanas y de hierba. Muy sabroso limpio e intenso.

Bicos 3€            16,5€

D.O.: Rías Baixas

Monasterio de Palazuelos 2,5€        12,8€

D.O.: Rueda

Copa       Botella

Viña Eguía (Rioja-Crianza) 3€               16,5€

D.O. Ca.: Rioja = Productor: Bodegas Viña Eguía = Uvas: Tempranillo 100% = Graduación Alcohólica: 13,5%.
Rojo cereza, con potencia y personalidad. Frutas rojas y buenos taninos bien estructurados.

Beronia                      19€

D.O. Ca.: Rioja -'13 = Productor: Bodegas Beronia

Finca Moncloa                      24€

D.O. Vinos de la tierra de Cádiz -'12 = Uvas: Cabernet Sauvignon, tintilla de Rota, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Merlot = Graduación Alcohólica 14,5%.
Picota cubierto, bien estructurado, frutas negras y rojas, minerales y especias. Buen final.

La Tarara 3,2€               20€

D.O. Ca.: Rioja -'13

Prado del Rey 3€               16,5€

D.O. Ca.: Ribera del Duero

Protos                       18€

D.O. Ca.: Ribera del Duero -'14

Scala Del Prior                       29€

D.O.: Priorat -'12 = Productor: Cellers Scala Dei = Uvas: 55% Garnacha tinta, 20% cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Mazuelo, 10% Syrah
Graduación Alcohólica: 15%. Cereza rubí. Muy complejo. Extraordinarias sensaciones gustativas. Maderas, tabaco, pizarra.

Viña Eguía Reserva                       18€

D.O. Ca.: Rioja = Productor: Bodegas Viña Eguía = Uvas: Tempranillo 100% = Graduación Alcohólica: 13,5%.
Pleno, con espléndidas sensaciones. Madera y buenos taninos. Frutas y tabaco. Redondo.

Copa       Botella


Gran Feudo3€               14€

D.O.: Rioja = Productor: Bodegas Gran Feudo = Uvas: 100% Garnacha tinta = Graduación Alcohólica: 13%.
Color rosa con tonos fresa. Muy limpio, fresco y frutal. Con predominio de frutas rojas.

Oriol RosellBrut Nature19€

D.O.: Cava = Productor: Oriol Rosell Uvas: 50% Xarell-lo, 35% Macabeo, 15% Parellada = Graduación Alcohólica: 11,5%.
Amarillo dorado brillante. Cremas y mantequilla. Hierbas, manzanas y nueces. Cítricos.

Anna de Codorniú Blanc de Blancs19€

D.O.: Cava = Productor: Codorniú = Uvas: 100% Pinot Noir = Graduación Alcohólica: 11,5%. Amarillo pajizo. Perfecta y fina burbuja.
Sensaciones balsámicas y de frutas tropicales. Fresco.



Cerveza Heineken2,6€

Clara doble3,6€

Cruzcampo botellín 20 Cl2,4€

Doble caña Heineken3,6€

Cruzcampo Gran reserva 33 cl3,6€

Paulaner 50 cl4€



Agua 0,5 L2,5€

Agua 1 L3,2€

Agua con gas2,5€

Café solo1,4€

Café con leche1,5€


Cafés especiales1,8€

Zumo de naranja natural2,5€


Cutty Shark7,5€

J. Walker Red7,5€

White label7,5€


Jack Daniels9€

J. Walker Black12€

Macallan Amber13€





Santa Teresa7,5€

Legendario Elixir7,5€


Zacapa 23 años12€





Bombay Saphire9€


G Vine12€

Martin Millers10,5€


London nº19,5€

Rives Especial8,5€








Patxaran Txaka3€




Martini Rojo4€

Martini blanco4€

Restaurante Macarela


Macarela - Monte Esquinza, 39. Madrid

12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm; 8:30 pm - 12:00 am
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm; 8:30 pm - 12:00 am
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm; 8:30 pm - 12:30 am
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1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Macarela - Chamberí

Monte Esquinza, 39. 28010 Madrid

91 599 11 29

Fernando el Santo, 11; Almagro, 13; Monte Esquinza, 34.

Alonso Martínez (lines 4, 5 y 10), Rubén Darío (line 5)

Buses: 3, 5, 7, 14, 21, 27, 37, 45, 150, N1, N22, N23, N24, N25 and N26.



Our wild bluefin tuna (Thunnus Thynnus) comes from the almadrabas (trappings) of the Cadiz coast.

The almadraba is a traditional fishing craft with more than 3,000 years of antiquity that has been practiced on the Cadiz coast from the time of the Phoenicians from late April to early June.

This fishing gear employs vertical nets fixed to the seabed by means of steel cables attached to anchors of about 450 kilograms each which are kept afloat by buoys. The almadrabas are located about 3 kilometers from the coast, which means that a small percentage of the tunas that migrate through the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea are captured.

It is a selective and sustainable fishing art because of the fishing season and the size of the net meshes, which do not allow catches below 70 kilograms. The average weight of the tunas caught in the traps ranges from 180 to 200 kg, with an average age of 14 years


Bluefin Tuna Cuts



It is the lower part of the white back. It is the part of the tuna that presents a greater percentage of fat. It is characterized by its pink color and by the streaks of fat that has interspersed in the meat. It is usually used for the preparation of sashimi and the semi-preserved denominated Ijar.


It forms part of the white back, located between the belly and the white tail. It contains a lower percentage of fat than the bell and has a more reddish color. It is usually used for dishes on grill like tataki.


It is located in the lower part of the tail, forming part of the white back. It is usually used for the preparation of tartar.


It is the inner part of the black back that is placed next to the spine. It is used for the preparation of the dry-cured tuna.


It is in the upper part of the tail, forming part of the black back. It is usually used for the preparation of tartar.


It is the most precious part of the tuna head. It is a very delicacy meat, accurate to be grilled with a little bit of salt.


Macarela Menu

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We have created different environments for you to choose your favourite. We will take you to the landscapes, smells and gastronomy of this area of ​​Cadiz.

Have a beer or a Sherry wine in our BAR, enjoy our menu on our HIGH TABLES and the table of our famous OLIVE_TREE. A more informal and comfortable space to snack with friends.


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